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Starting the Journey

One question we often get asked (or at least used to in the early days) is how did we decide to open this business?  Why did we start this journey of opening a compounding pharmacy?  What was the goal?  What needs did we see not getting filled and how did we plan to meet those needs.  So, for our first blog post, we thought it best to, as one does, start at the beginning, and maybe answer some of these questions.  

The pharmaceutical industry sometimes gets knocked around unfairly.  Some say it might be deserved, but we can’t deny that everyday tens of thousands of lives are made better and even saved by the research and products from this industry.  But often, one size does not fit all when it comes to medications.  We like to see ourselves not as an alternative but a supplement to mass produced medications.  Not everyone responds the same way, and often we are there to help when the traditional approaches aren’t working the way providers have hoped.  Personalized medicine can be the answer.  

But that could be the answer for anyone interested in opening a compounding pharmacy.  Let’s try to get back to answering the earlier questions.  

Acacia Northwest Location Building Storefront

Restoring the Connection

One of the driving forces behind starting our local compounding pharmacy was the desire to restore the bond between patients, their providers, and their pharmacists. In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, the personal connection between healthcare providers and patients often gets lost. We wanted to create a space where patients could openly discuss their health concerns, ask questions, and receive expert advice in a comfortable and compassionate setting.  If you’ve ever visited one of our locations, you’ll hear yourself saying, “This doesn’t feel like a regular pharmacy.”  It isn’t, and we never wanted it to be.  We wanted to build relationships with providers in the area to collaborate and improve Tucsonans’ lives.  

Why Here?

As we were born and raised in Pima County, it was always going to be here.  We love Tucson, we love Southern Arizona.  The climate, the people, the identity, the culture, everyone here loves that about Tucson.  Tucsonans like being a part of something unique. We wanted to be a part of it.  We wanted to join that economic ecosystem.  To have a local business to serve these amazing people and find talented local people to join us and make something great.  Contributing to this vital community through service and providing jobs here is the thing we are most proud to do.  

 So, the area was the easy part, but more specifically why were the two locations were picked?  Tucson has had wonderful compounding pharmacies for many years.  But we noticed two areas that maybe were underserved, Northwest Tucson and the Rincon Valley.  We love that these areas have embraced us and we’ve become a part of the fabric of the community one specialized prescriptions at a time.

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