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Handcrafted Healing: Acacia’s Approach to Quality

Quality manifests in various aspects, and for a compounding pharmacy, it’s paramount to excel in every facet. The meaning of quality can vary depending on the context, perspective, and criteria being considered. Acacia’s approach to quality breaks up into 5 essential categories to ensure we are delivering safe, effective, and reliable treatment to our patients. Let’s delve into those categories to provide a clearer understanding of their significance.

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  1. Degree of Excellence: A high-quality product or service is one that meets or exceeds expectations and performs well. Acacia hosts a standard of excellence that is displayed in the ingredients, preparation, dispensing, and delivery of compounded medications. It starts with high quality ingredients, equipment, and devices from meticulously chosen suppliers who manufacture and rigorously test their chemical ingredients. Protocols and lasting relationships are developed to ensure that we receive all quality testing reports and safety measures for each of their products. These come in the form of Certificate of Analysis, Drug Pedigrees, and Safety Data Sheets.
  2. Conformance to Requirements: Quality can also refer to the extent to which a product, service, or process meets specified requirements or standards. Not only does Acacia adhere to all State and Federal laws, but we have built our own standard operating procedures to ensure efficacy, integrity, and quality. All internal and external Quality Related Events (QREs) are documented and submitted to our Quality Assurance Task team and reviewed monthly. These events are thoroughly dissected and given a plan of action that is reviewed with patient, provider, and/or staff where necessary. Documenting and reviewing these events help Acacia improve overall quality and provides educational value that strengthens our provided services. From this, we have created a definitive step-by-step process that every prescription goes through from start to finish, as well as every compounded formulation that we build from scratch has a requirement to go through numerous validation checkpoints before it goes out the door. This aspect focuses on consistency and adherence to established criteria.
  3. Inherent Characteristics: Once a formula is in its final compounded form, it goes through three separate quality assurance checkpoints. We look for uniformity, consistency, texture, suspensibility, color, shape, oxidation, pH levels, pitting, fractures, and dosing convenience. Another objective is to ensure medication accessibility and simplicity for patients while minimizing the risk of dosing errors. Some instances apply to patients that are prescribed multiple medications with similar properties. Examples include producing troches with distinct coloring, distributing different colored dispensing devices, and encapsulating medications in capsules of varying hues. If we cannot confirm that a product is durable, reliable, and functional, we revisit our formula and processes in the quality department, brainstorming alternative methods to enhance product effectiveness.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: A high quality product or service must meet or exceed customer expectation and provide value. Transparency is key and we believe in speaking with patients and providers about their customized prescription, drug interactions, allergies, dietary restrictions, medication costs, taste, and delivery methods before we even begin our compounding process. We want to enhance patient satisfaction by building trust in our community and physicians. Our Patient and Provider feedback has been imperative for overall improvement and identifying trends in patient preferences and needs.
  5. Fit for Purpose: Acacia’s fit for purpose falls in the extremely small percentage of niche prescriptions that tailor to our patient’s exact needs. We exist to offer alternative medication therapies and support specialized areas in healthcare. Without quality, we cannot exist, nor can we offer effective treatment options. All the above categories allow for consistency in our processes, dosage forms, and dispensing devices. If a patient has allergies, difficulties in dosing, or even accessibility from manufacturer backorders, we can often supply a quality driven alternative that is compatible with their treatment regimen.
Quality is in the foundation of Acacia and we are committed to continual evolution, adaptation, and embracing growth. Our dedication to quality surpasses mere adherence to regulatory norms; it is deeply embedded within our organizational ethos and principles. Thank you for putting your trust in Acacia, and we hope this offers insight into just ONE of our core values. 
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