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Compound Medications and Benefits

How Compounding Can Help Your Pets (And You)

As pet owners, we all know their health and well-being are paramount. They enrich our lives and we want to keep them healthy and happy.  Just like humans, pets can suffer from a range of health conditions that require medication. However, administering medications to pets can be a challenge. This is where Acacia Apothecary can help with tailored solutions that can improve the overall healthcare experience for your furry friends (and for those of us trying to give the dose).

Compounding pharmacy is the art and science of creating customized medications to meet the specific needs of individual patients. In the case of pets, this involves preparing medications in a way that makes them easier to administer while ensuring the right dosage and formulation for each animal.

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Customized Dosage: One of the most significant advantages of compounding for pets is the ability to create customized dosages. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and their medication needs may vary. Working with your veterinarian, we can get the proper concentration of the active ingredient to ensure that your pet receives the precise amount required for their condition, whether it’s a tiny kitten, a large breed dog, or even a parakeet.  This way you’re not cutting a tablet into quarters, or weighing out powders, etc.  

Improved Compliance: Many pet owners struggle to get their pets to take medications. We can add flavors to medications, making them more palatable to pets. By transforming a bitter pill into a tasty liquid or treat, compounding can improve medication compliance and reduce the stress of medicating your pet.

Unique Formulations: Not all medications are available in the form that is easiest for pets to take. Compounding pharmacies can create medications in various forms such as liquids, transdermal gels, chewable treats, or even topical creams. This allows you and your vet to choose the most suitable administration method for your pet, increasing convenience and comfort.

Combination Medications: In some cases, pets may require multiple medications for different health issues. Compounding allows for the creation of combination medications, reducing the number of pills or doses your pet needs to take daily. This simplifies the treatment regimen and enhances convenience.

Specialized Treatments: Some pets have unique medical conditions that require specialized medications. Compounding pharmacies can work closely with veterinarians to create tailored solutions that are not commercially available.

Give us a call at (520) 670-0777 or contact us here if you think there is a way for us to help make giving medications to your pets easier for all involved.

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